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  • Do you enjoy quality Australian wine?

  • Do you enjoy tasting wines from unique areas which are not available from national chain liquor outlets?

  • Do you like supporting small family business with world class produce?

If this is so, welcome to Heward Estate:
We are a 3rd generation family run vineyard, producing small runs of boutique South Australian wines. We take great pride in consistently surprising our customers with flavours that are unique to the Murray River in Mannum.

Heward Estate is located in Mannum South Australia, right on the banks of the iconic Murray River. The vineyard is situated on sandy loam over tough limestone, in the river valley just 9 kilometres north of Mannum. Here evening breezes coming of the Murray River which slow the ripening process. Our harvest which is generally less than 4 tonne of fruit, allows for personalised care during the winemaking process. The roots in the limestone have to work hard to produce our fruit thus intensifying the pepper and spice of the shiraz while cabernet displays current and raspberry to every palate.

Heward Estate boutique South Australian winery

Heward Estate vineyard at Mannum on the Murray River in South Australia

Like you, we enjoy discovering wine that offers something different, Something that's not found in mainstream big name brands.

Heward Estate aims for the whites to be full of fresh flavours, a citrus zing in the chardonnay and tropical fruits in the sauvignon blanc.

Our exclusive limited run range of wines would lead you to wonder why Mannum is not synonymous with the river and quality wine.
We are a genuine small family owned vineyard. The Heward family began making wine just after World War 1 on a soldier settler blocks in Monash and the first expansion out of that area was to Mannum where the 3rd generation of wine grape growing Heward, Mick and Jo settled.
Heward Estate’s ‘ Mannum Cliffs’ range of South Australian wines is exclusively sold thought our local hotels, restaurants, and the Internationally acclaimed 5 Star luxury lodges ‘Riverview Rise Retreats’. Word of mouth customers and now our mail order customers are enjoying Heward Estate ‘Mannum Cliffs' wine delivered to their door. Try a sample bottle or buy wine on line.

What make Heward Estate wine so unique you ask?

The answer consists of 2 simple points:

  1. The Mannum on the Murray River region is not a traditional area for growing wine grapes. Unlike the Barossa, McLaren Vale and the Limestone coast, we grow our grapes on sandy Murray River loam which has a base rock of heavy limestone. Our soil is different, our Murray River climatic conditions are different and hence our wines are different.
  2. In the cut throat world of wine making, the David and Goliath story stands true. We are a small family business and pride ourselves in creating our wines with absolute passion. Our competitive edge is in the flavours we produce. Our wines are different.

Ask for a sample bottle first, you will soon understand why we are so confident and proud of our unique wines. We do not sell our wines through chain liquor stores so join the new-age solution and buy our wine online.

I invite you to try our Heward Estate wine and I personally guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised!

Owner & Director
Heward Estate
Mick Heward
Mick Heward from Heward Estate wines

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