The story of Anne Frank comes to Morgan

Friday, June 22, 2018

The Anne Frank Travelling exhibition has been travelling through Australia since 2013. Produced by the Anne Frank Australia Exhibition committee in conjunction with Anne Frank House, Amsterdam this exhibition has been an outstanding success, attracting many visitors to this worldwide recognized story.


 “Let Me Be Myself - The Life Story of Anne Frank” outlines the story of Anne Frank and the historical context of her time.  It specifically highlights the contemporary relevance of the story of this young Jewish girl who had to go into hiding during World War Two to escape from the Nazis.


Together with seven others she hides in the secret annex at Prinsengracht 263 in Amsterdam. After more than two years in hiding they are discovered and deported to concentration camps. Anne’s father, Otto Frank, is the only one of the eight people to survive. After her death Anne becomes world famous because of the diary she wrote while in hiding.


The exhibition contains eight historical modules enabling visitors to identify with the personal story of Anne Frank and how her diary became her ‘best friend’.


Large-size pictures show Anne’s happy early childhood in Frankfurt, followed by the immigration to Amsterdam and the time in hiding and connects the personal story of the Frank family with the important historical events of that time: the rise of the national socialists, the isolation and discrimination of the Jewish population, eventually escalating in the Holocaust and her death in Bergen-Belsen in 1945.


The diary’s impact on many over the years is reflected in inspired interpretation with a copy of the diary, a 25 minute audio visual presentation and model of Anne’s house also on display.


The second part of the exhibition centres around contemporary subjects. Five colourful modules contemporise the story of Anne Frank, showing how it is still relevant in today’s society. With discrimination still taking place on a daily basis all over the world, the youngsters who are shown in the exhibition speak about themselves and how they deal with today’s prejudices and discrimination.  The contemporary modules are complemented by a short film.


Copies of some letters written by Australian girls to Otto Frank in the 1960s and books about the war in the Netherlands with a short explanation in English will also be exhibited.


To have a world renowned exhibition on show in our region is truly an honour and I commend the Morgan Heritage & Tourism Board for securing dates for the township of Morgan said Mid Murray Council Mayor, Dave Burgess.


“I believe the exhibition will attract people of all ages from across the State as the story has impacted many of us at an early age and still through various reflections today”.


‘Let me be myself – the life story of Anne Frank’ exhibition will be on display at the Morgan Institute from the 22nd June to 7th August 2018 from 10.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.  Entry will be $4.00 Adults and children under 12 $2.00.


For further information contact the Morgan Visitor Information Office on 85402643 or 8540073,, and