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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Daily cruising is back in Mannum after a few years since the retirement of passionate tourism and Murray River advocates Jeff and Helen Griffiths retired their MV Jester cruise vessel.


Chad Blatchford lived in Mannum and decided it was time for a riverchange so purchased the Jester Cruises business from Helen and Geoff and now it is wonderful to see a variety of cruise opportunities for our visitors to Mannum ,

From a young age, Chad had a passion for boating and interacting with people, which was amplified through his travels with his parents’ business in his younger years. Combining Chad’s interests he and wife Sally made the decision to purchase Jester River Cruises and now Four Knots Murray River Cruises has taken over with Chad at the helm.


Chad reflected that after 13 years of working away in the gas and oil fields, it was time to return home permanently and spend time as a family.

“This purchase in January 2017 allowed me to spend time learning about the beauty of the Murray River ecosystem, history, and culture and also provided the opportunity for meet to people from all different parts of the world.”

“We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and aim to provide all clients with a personalised and relaxing experience, throughout a variety of cruises.”

  Four Knots offers daily lunch,  morning and afternoon 1.5 hour cruises from the picturesque Mannum  Waters Marina and relaxing sunset cruises with the opportunity to purchase a regional wine and enjoy the magnificent river landscape as it passes you by with the sun slowly setting.  

Every cruise is unique with the ever changing riverscape.  Four  Knots also offers private charter and is now specializing in bird feeding and spotting.

Chad further said, “As our small family business grows, we continue to plan and develop strategies to bring tourists into our community”.


“I enjoy providing people with the opportunity to witness the Mannum township and surrounds from the river perspective, informing them on the history and heritage of the area”.

“One of many highlights of the cruise is the feeding of the Whistling and Black Kites. It gives people the chance to see river bird life up close”.

It is great to see Chad partnering with other local attractions such as the Mannum Dock Museum to package Mannum as a destination and our visitors can enjoy a cruise on arrival when they see how wonderful our Murray River is.

Four Knots Murray River Cruises


  M:  0418 354 222 

To book, visit the Mannum Visitor Information Centre or call 85691303