Saturday, February 15, 2020

A $1 million grant to assist the drought-hit Mid Murray district will deliver 13 new projects aimed at
stimulating economic growth and improving community facilities.
The Mid Murray Council this week signed off on the list of preferred projects it will submit for final
approval to the Australian Government for funding through its latest grant from the Drought
Communities Program (DCP) – Extension.
A district-wide footpath replacement and rejuvenation project worth $250,000, $150,000 to fix aging
standpipes to cut water loss and the upgrading of public toilets in Truro ($300,000) are among the bigticket
Also on the list of successful projects are:
• Installation of telescope platforms at Meldanda, near Cambrai - $50,000
• Establishing an RV area in Bowhill - $30,000,
• Restoration of the Mount Mary Hall - $30,000
• New shelters over picnic tables at the Wongulla Boat Ramp - $15,000
• Sheltered BBQ and outdoor seating at the Caurnamont Camping Ground - $45,000
• Painting internally and externally of the Swan Reach Hall - $25,000
• Upgrades to the Younghusband Hall shed - $30,000
• Zadows Landing beautification - $15,000
• Keyneton postal agency wall stabilization - $30,000
• Installation of solar panels on Wall Flat, Tungkillo, Walker Flat and Nildottie community halls -
Mid Murray Mayor Dave Burgess said the projects would deliver multiple benefits across the district at a
time when the local area is feeling the effects of years of drought.
“This generous assistance from the Federal Government will allow us to deliver significant practical
support to many people in our district,” he says.
“The ongoing drought has had a significant impact across the region, from affecting residents’ confidence
and personal wellbeing to hitting businesses’ bottom lines.
“Our Council has chosen a wide range of projects that will boost our economy by encouraging and
facilitating increased local tourism, along with infrastructure works to improve accessibility for residents,
and all contributing to much-needed income for local businesses.”
The footpath rejuvenation and replacement project was chosen following community concern about
aging and unsafe footpaths.
“Using this funding to replace or fix footpaths in high-traffic areas will ensure our towns are safer and
more accessible for residents and visitors alike, and encourage people to pursue more active lifestyles by
walking or riding to popular places,” Mayor Burgess says.
“This project has the added benefit of stimulating the local economy, with Council committed to using
local contractors to undertake this work wherever we can.”
The renewal of standpipes will help ensure a reliable water supply to the community by replacing aging infrastructure, while also reducing water loss through tighter security.
“Water is a crucial resource for our community and this project will not only save Council money by improving the efficiency of the standpipe infrastructure, but also reduce water usage by eliminating unaccounted water loss,” Mayor Burgess says.
The Federal Government’s Drought Communities Program – Extension (Round 2) provides funding for eligible Councils and aims to support community infrastructure development and drought relief projects. It delivers targeted support to regions to help boost economies by providing employment, stimulating local spending, and creating long-lasting benefits for agricultural regions.
Mid Murray Council also received $1 million in the previous funding round, which has helped deliver major projects such as the new Palmer Nature Playground, upgraded Cambrai Swimming Pool, Mannum Institute lower floor restoration and public toilets for Greenways Landing.
The new round of projects will now be scoped and costed before the Council submits its funding application for final Government approval.