T1 Lithium

What we do

T1 Lithium install lithium batteries, battery control systems and solar panels.  We can install a system from scratch in a brand new RV, or we can upgrade your existing lead acid system to lithium, using as much of the gear you already have as possible. 

Our installations to date have been mostly in motorhomes and caravans, but we've also done two houseboat installations and two off-grid house power systems.  




Lithium batteries

We build a custom-sized lithium battery to suit the space you have available in your RV, your current power needs, and where possible and budget permits, power enough to do all the things you want to do.  Read about how we build our lithium batteries.

Battery management systems

We make a control system that lets you see how much power is coming in, no matter where it's coming from (solar, mains, DC to DC), how much power you're using and how much you've got left.  Our system will stop your battery from over charging and it will stop your battery from over discharging, but not before warning you that your power level is getting low.  Read about our control system and how it protects your investment.

Solar panels

We install a range of solar panels on RVs, mostly smaller panels (we'll explain why), and also semi-flexible panels and our custom-built lightweight portable panels.  Read about our preferred panels and how we mount them and connect them to your battery.

T1 Lithium


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